Homemade Ricotta Cheese

How often do you find a recipe and realize, I could make that if only I had BLANK in my fridge.  Some of the ‘ingredients’ you buy from the grocery store can be made from scratch with other ingredients you already have on hand. Cheese is an excellent example of this.  There are several kinds … Continue reading

Protein Hummus Salad

Mediterranean Protein Salad

Have you ever had hummus on a salad?  I had not, until recently. The first week of school this year I really needed a lunch that was inexpensive, easy, and I didn’t have to do ANYTHING.  So, I will admit, off to Wendy’s we went!  I was lured by their marketing to buy their *new* … Continue reading


Mini Pancake Muffins

Are you sick of giving your kids sugary cereal and frozen waffles for breakfast? An essential in my pantry is my pancake mix (rather than buying it pre-made you can make your own!).  But, mornings can be hectic and to remember to flip a pancake can be hard.  If you don’t have kids, you might … Continue reading